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Post  maria borallos on Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:45 am

Maria Borallos
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Case study 17
The main problem that I see in this case is the fact that Morgan lied about his identity. He should have been honest and tell Mr. Chan that he was transsexual. If Mr. Chan was really in love with him, now her, he would have made his own decision.

I donít believe that there is a problem with faculty members dating each other once the relation does not transcend into the school. We are humans and as such have a life and the need to fulfill our needs.

Mr. Chan was wrong in what he did. He was not being ethical. Ms. Stanlyís personal life has nothing to do with his profession. Mr. Chanís decision to fire him was based on his personal decision and not of the board.

Megan should go talk to the management about the issue. There was never any complain about her in her job. She should fight her case because there is a procedure that should be followed in these cases.

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