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Post  maria borallos on Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:43 am

Maria Borallos
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Case study 13
Mrs. Lino is not a good teacher. A person does not need to go to the University to know that they should not tell the children those nasty things that she said. She should not be discouraging but instead motivate and adjust her lesson and activities to attract the children’s attention.

John did not know anything about the term economy. He clearly stated that he was not aware about it because he only looked at certain television channels. The question was not inappropriate however the way that it was address to the student by Mrs. Lino was not the right approach.

The feedback of Mrs. Lino is unacceptable. She should have never said something like that. Mrs. Lino should seek professional development to learn more about how to treat students and many approaches she can adopt to make her lessons interesting. w’s Anglican School in the village of Pomona. Her class consists of thirty students, who are very vocal and willing to discuss different topics presented for discussion by the class teacher.

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