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Post  Saul Cano on Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:22 am

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Professionalism in Education
Case Study #7

Topic: Knowledge of Subject Matter

Ms. Janet Mcallister was a Standard Six teacher at Horns of Peace Primary School in the Cayo District. She had twelve years of teaching experience and recently earned a bachelor degree in Primary Education. She regarded herself as the smartest among her staff members with the exception of the school principal who had a Master’s degree. Janet thought she knew the answers to all the questions and nobody dared to judge her subject knowledge.

Most children were afraid of asking her questions whenever they didn’t understand a concept because she would scold them and ignore their need of an explanation. Wilbert was the exception. He was taught at home that when he didn’t understand, he must ask for answers or clarifications to his questions. He was always mentored at home and encouraged to speak proper English in and out of class.
On a bright sunny day, Ms. Mcallister began teaching her Language Arts lesson. During the lesson she asked: “Which of the three is the most smartest?” Positive of his answer Wilbert replied, “ Joe is the smartest.” Not paying much attention to her grammatical sentence Ms. Mcallister once again said, “ Wilbert is right, Joe is the most smartest student between the three. Hearing her statement, once again, Wilbert said,” Teacher, when we compare three or more persons we just use one superlative, you are using two superlatives in a sentence. That is not correct.”

Ms. Mcallister was surprised with Wilbert’s response and in her defense exclaimed, “ Hey, I am the teacher here, I talk and you listen. I know my facts and you don’t so shut up!” There was complete silence in the classroom, since no one had ever challenged Ms. Mcallister.
In a moment of anger and embarrassment Ms. Mcallister shouted : “ Are you trying to challenge my knowledge little boy?” Wilbert still feeling confident of himself said: “ No teacher, I am just making you aware of the mistake you did.” Ms. Mcallister taking the matters very seriously and personally said in an angry tone of voice: “ Wilbert, step out of my class and accompany me to the principal’s office right now!” As Ms. Mcallister and Wilbert were going to the office, Ms. Mcallister said to Wilbert, “ Now we will see who has more knowledge and authority, the teacher or a poor boy like you?”


1. What is the problem?
2. Do you think that Ms. Mcallister’s approach towards Wilbert was very professional? Yes, No. why or why not?
3. Who should the principal discipline? Why?
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