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Case Study #17 Empty Case Study #17

Post  Cristavel Membreno on Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:50 pm

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She’ s the Man!

Megan Stanly had recently moved to the small community of Coral Springs and instantelouly with much reluctance, all the women considered her to be the most gorgeous woman that they had ever seen. The men on the other hand, who paid no attention to her face, avidly alleged that her knockout body could easily be featured on the Belikin Calender. It’s a sad shame they thought, that such a slamming figure should be hidden in the faculty uniform of Coral Springs RC School. Perhaps the only point that both the mothers and fathers could agree upon was that Ms. Stanley was the most nurturing and devoted teacher that they had ever encountered. As a matter of fact, the PTA members were preparing a banquet in celebration of her exceptional teaching aptitude and her supportive assistance in the community.
Megan had been employed by Mr. Chan, the principal, and her good looks and contagious personality had not gone unnoticed by him. The first time that they laid eyes on each other, the attraction was undeniable mutual and after going out a few times, they decided that being friends just simply wasn’t going to cut it. No one in the community except the single guys felt troubled by their agreeable relationship. Not a single soul in Coral Springs, including Mr. Chan knew hat Megan had a secret.
“Hey, sugar daddy”, teased Mr. James Tan, a fellow teacher, who was on the internet searching for some items to aid him in his lesson. “ A window on the screen just popped up and it’s about men who transform themselves into women!” exclaimed Mr. Tan. “Look, Tan stop messing around. Why would I want to see a transsexual?” he retorted in nausea, “When I have the real deal at home.” “Hey! This chick looks just like Megan.” Roared Tan. “Stop joking around, James and get back to work.” Said Mr. Chan. “No seriously, this woman looks exactly like Megan.” Mr. Chan swiftly approaches the computer monitor and Megan’s picture was labeled ‘after’ and it was next to a man whose picture was labeled ‘before’. There was no mistaken that Megan was a transsexual. The two pictures closely resembled each other and apparently Megan was previously Morgan Price. Mr. Chan instantly wished that he had been somewhere else. Anywhere. As long as he was far away from that computer monitor.
Megan returns home from a long day at school to find Mr. Chan in bathroom vigorously brushing his teeth and washing out his mouth. Mr. Chan did not hear her coming in and she affectionately pinched his buttocks to signal that she was in the room. “Don’t touch me. Especially not there Megan. Or should I say Morgan.” Bellowed Mr. Chan in disgust. “What are you saying?” asked Megan in tears. “What am I saying?” mocked Mr. Chan in a sing song way. I am saying that you lied to me. So you know what everyone will think of me if they knew I slept with a girl that was a guy!” he said furiously. “I am so sorry.” Said Megan who genuinely appeared to be so. “Trust me…whatever you are, I am sorry too. This abomination that we have going on together cannot go on anymore.” Mr. Chan escorted Megan and her belonging to the door. “Oh, and another thing Morgan. You’re fired!” said Mr. Chan as he slammed the door in Morgan Price’s face.

1. What is the problem (s)?
2. How do you feel about two faculty members dating each other?
3. Do you think that Mr. Chan was justified in terminating Ms. Stanly’s job?
4. What do you think Megan should do?
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